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2Leech.com is an online torrent caching and downloading client

Why choose 2Leech.com for your torrent needs?
  • Easiest and simplest way to download torrents
  • Nothing to install or configure. Straight from your browser
  • Just paste the link to your torrent or upload torrent-file from your computer
  • Able to close browser while 2Leech retrieve your files
  • Immediate email notifications as soon as fetching is completed
  • Absolutely NO ISP network restrictions
  • Simultaneously leech multiple torrent files
  • Access your files anywhere using any gadget with Internet access and web browser
  • Remote upload function to backup your files elsewhere
  • Up to 50GB Daily Leeching Limits for all plans
  • Up to 50GB File Storage with 24 hours auto-delete
  • Register and access your account 24/7
  • No advertisement in any form
  • Payment via VISA, Mastercard, LibertyReserve, WMZ, BankTransfer, Cash Etc
  • Instant Account Activation upon payment confirmation



File Size Limit: 146.48 GB
Auto-Delete: 24 Hours After Transload

Server Space:
In Use = 2.35 GB (12.23 %)
Free Space = 16.87 GB
Disk Space = 19.22 GB
CPU Load: 1%

Server Time:    

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